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Four Pillars of Retirement: Minimalism

One of the four pillars of our retirement plan is minimalism. Over our adult lives, we consumed with a passion. We bought five houses - the first four grew in size with each move. When we purchased the fourth house, it was over 3000 sq. feet. And guess what? We had to fill that space.

As we filled the spaces with each home purchase, things would age out and we'd buy the same thing over again.

Over the last few years we've been downsizing. We moved from the 3000 sq. ft house to a 2400 sq. ft house with plans to move down further into an apartment within 3 years.

We made it! We sold our home in June and downsized in the apartment that you see below. This was the state of affairs the first night.

It has been so freeing to move into a smaller space with less stuff. Less to break, less to upgrade, less money spent on heating and cooling a space we didn't need.

Unfortunately, it took us until our late 40's to realize how the traditional American culture of excess was not consistent with our wants/needs. We're now embracing the sub-culture of the FIRE movement which aligns better with our new norm.

As we consider the possibility of retiring early - our goal is 52, we will continue to build on the four pillars that the last blog article outlined. We'll revisit these in future blog posts - the next will likely be related to market timing of direct rollovers.

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