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Hughes Power Watchdog Surge Protector

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

This surge protector seems to be the first with realtime bluetooth monitoring of the power supply. Connecting the device is pretty straight forward. Turn off the power at the pedestal, connect the surge protector, and turn the power back on.

Once the power is on, you can pair your smartphone by using a bluetooth connection to the surge protector. Once this is complete, you can view your amps, voltage, watts and energy consumption on your phone.

I found this to be useful to determine how much energy different lights and appliances are using. Simply turn the device on and determine the difference in amps before and after the power cycle of the device you are monitoring.

Another important feature of this surge protector is the ability to set alerts. For example, you can set an alert that will notify you when the amps are getting close to your rigs max. This may help you prevent a tripped breaker.

Lastly, the company states that you can change out the surge suppression unit in case of a failure, but it isn't something that you can purchase from them directly from the website. You'd have to work through their customer service line to obtain a new one at this point.

30 Amp Model

50 Amp Model

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