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Installing an Apple TV in a 2018 Flying Cloud Airstream

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

The 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 25FBQ comes standard with a blu-ray player and two televisions - one in the front of the coach and one in the bedroom. The signal coming from the blu-ray player is split by a 1x2 HDMI splitter that is located below the AV cabinet - hidden from view.

In order to install an Apple TV, we decided to replace the current splitter with a 3x2 (3 inputs/2 outputs) HDMI splitter. We wanted to move the location of the new splitter to the top of the cabinet for easier access.

Removing the AV cabinet was pretty straight forward:

1. Remove the two screw covers and remove screws on the right hand side of the cabinet.

2. Remove the AV cabinet by rotation up and out.

3. Disconnect the connector that is supplying 5v power to the USB port.

We then added some HDMI cable extensions and secured then with electrical tape. In a previous RV, our AV cabinet HDMI cables broke off at the connector. This required us to fish new cables from the front of the coach to the AV cabinet - something I won't forget. By putting extensions in place, if I break a cable in the future, I can remove the extension and install another without destroying the cable run.

Once the splitter is installed, it's just a matter of putting it all back together. The HDMI splitter automatically detects the source, so we really haven't had to use the remote. It also has a manual button on the front to switch sources. I did have to press this once when both the blu-ray player and the Apple TV were on at the same time.

Items we used to make it all happen:

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