• Mark

Installing an RV Winterizing Kit

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

As temperatures drop, it’s important to have a strategy around keeping your RV safe against frozen pipes.  In this YouTube video, we show you how to install an RV winterizing kit.  These kits allow you to connect a small hose to your bottles of antifreeze.  Using the onboard water pump, you can then draw antifreeze into your water system rather than from the tank.  It’s important to look for RV/Marine Antifreeze that is safe for human water treatment.   Automotive antifreeze is toxic and should never be used to treat RV water lines.

I found that when I connected the kit to the RV antifreeze, the bottles emptied quickly.  I had to have a partner help fill the main bottle as it drained.  Without doing this, you may find that your bottle empties and draws air into the system when performing tasks that require a lot of antifreeze (e.g. washing machine).

If you're interested in purchasing this helpful device, feel free to click the link to the left.


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