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RV Power Management - Hughes Autoformer

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

You get to your campsite, setup, and plug-in. Are you safe to use your precious electronics? Maybe.

It really depends on the quality of the RV park power supply. When voltage drops, electronics will usually draw more amps to stabilize the power (amps = watts/voltage). Some motors and sensitive electronics can burn out from chronic overheating caused by excessive amp draw.

This is where the Hughes Autoformer comes in. The Autoformer increases the voltage from the pedestal when the power is outside the normal range - around 114 volts. Each time we arrive at a campsite, we plug in to the RV power and check the voltage using a meter inside the coach. If the power is below 116, we turn off the power and plug the Autoformer in to help boost the voltage. In our travel experience, we find that approx. 25% of the time, we need to use the Autoformer due to low voltage.

These devices also have built in surge protection and come with a separate voltage meter.

30 Amp Model

Appropriate for smaller rigs that have a 30 amp power cord.

50 Amp Model

Appropriate for larger rigs that have a 50 amp power cord.

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