• Mark

We Bought an Airstream

In September, we traded our 2013 Tiffin Allegro RED in for a 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud. It was a tough decision to make this move, but several factors prompted us to consider the change.

1. The Tiffin was too big for us. At 36 feet, it was challenging to drive at times. As we consider boondocking and national park sites, we thought a 25' coach would be better for us.

2. We wanted to simplify our RV. The jacks, slides, power awnings and other niceties were great when they worked. We seemed to always be fixing something. We know we'll need to fix things in the Airstream, but manual options may have less points of failure than the power items.

3. We love the way they look. There's something about the rivets and aluminum that call back to an earlier time. Some people say they look like an aircraft, and some say a tin can. It's personal preference.

We're excited to join the tribe of Airstream devotees. Over the next few months, we'll share our learnings and customizations that we plan on doing to "Beauty" and our Ram 2500 "Beast"




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